Webblite Pancake Heavy Jump Saddle in Panel hide leather


Available in Carbon Leather or panel hide leather the Pancake is our Heaviest Jumping Saddle. Based on the same design and principles that have made our light pancake such a popular choice for the weighing room across several years. Our Heavy Pancake uses a mechanical Composition Alloy tree to ensure maximum ride quality and user safety. Weighing between 2 – 7lb.

Please note: if you would like any customization to your saddle i.e., colored stitching or initials please contact us at [email protected]

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Webblite Pancake Heavy Jump Saddle in Panel hide leather

Professional Racing Saddles designed to Racing Authority Regulations with the emphasis on safety (they stay where they are put) the carbon fibre trees born out of formula 1 technology maintains the integrity of the saddle like no other tree – indeed, the last 3 champion jockeys all used Webblite Saddles. A.P. McCoy is one of our brand Ambassadors.