Webblite Race Exercise Saddle Carbon Leather


The latest technology, Viscarb Carbon Leather, 10 times harder wearing than conventional leather

Technology advanced
Weatherproof and virtually maintenance free.

Choice of colours or Colour/Stitching combinations
Nylon with carbon-backed Girth Straps for longer wear quality

Strength is paramount.
Optimised to support riders weight effectively.

Personalisation available if requested
Bespoke colours available

All our Saddles are hand-made and can be made to specified weights


Race Exercise Saddle Carbon Leather for Sale at Webblite

Professional Racing Saddles designed to Racing Authority Regulations with the emphasis on safety (they stay where they are put) the carbon fibre trees born out of formula 1 technology maintains the integrity of the saddle like no other tree – indeed, the last 3 champion jockeys all used Webblite Saddles. A.P. McCoy is one of our brand Ambassadors.